Free Tension Builders - Sound Effects for Games & Film

Create tension and suspense for your own movie and game projects using this free pack.

Written by Kieren Hovasapian

I've been experimenting with creating demo projects for our new animation packs and needed to create tension through sound. I'm releasing the tension builders I created here for free to help get you started on your horror games or even build tensions as you reach a pivotal part of your level. You can use these in your film projects as well, it would provide rich build-ups to reveal something scary or sinister.

Side note for this page, I may have gone a little overboard integrating this audio preview system. It uses wavesurfer.js which is a great way to easily build a waveform visualization for your clips. I find having this visualization, users can find the part of a clip better than just staring at a timeline.

You can preview the sounds below and then download the free sound pack from our store at the bottom of the page.

Preview Audio Tracks

Download the free pack of Tension Builders from our Downloads Area