MotionVault is Released!

You can now use the MotionVault for your own projects, from prototyping game ideas to creating unique cutscene previsualization ideas.

Written by Kieren Hovasapian

MotionVault is ready to be browsed

Open the MotionVault and view categories or endlessly scroll through new motion ideas. Motions are released weekly with new categories and themes of motions in each release.

MotionVault is free to use and access - thanks to our supporters! 

MotionVault is the result of years of hard work and R&D to bring a scalar platform that be utilized by content creators/designers/filmmakers and more all around the world.

You can browse the MotionVault for free here:

MotionVault Editor enables quick visualization and planning of scenes.

MotionVault Editor enables quick visualization and planning of scenes.

We continue development through our supporter contributions. Please join and sign up if you want to contribute to this project.

Features are being improved and we are releasing a release notes page to follow along with improvements to the platform as we progress with future development.

Anyone who purchased MotionStudio will automatically be upgraded to an online version if they contact us here. We are also implementing this online version - unlock for desktop users of MotionStudio going forward as well. You will need to subscribe to use the features of the MotionVault+ editor.