The Horse Controller like in Red Dead Redemption 2

A simple horse controller inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2

Post written by Kieren Hovasapian

I have to admit it, playing Red Dead Redemption 2 was a blast, the level of detail achieved was incredible and the animations were a world first and groundbreaking in so many ways.

I have developed this solution to provide a similar horse controller inside Unity like the Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) controller. On running the scene you'll see a horse ready to go - to make it run similar to RDR2 hit the space bar, the faster you press the space bar the faster the horse gallops. There are 3 different gaits I animated in 3DS Max, Walking, Trotting & Galloping. Each is activated differently depending on the speed of the button press. You can press E for the jump as well, this will allow the horse to jump over objects and terrain features.Animating the horse proved tricky, I basically had footage behind the 3D model which I copied the poses of a horse walk, trot and gallop cycle. This was the quickest way to animate the horse.

Once the project has been downloaded you can build on top it and even integrate a rider. If the project has a lot of interest I will come back to it and build a working human locomotion system that allows you to mount and unmount the horse.

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