Motion Matching Plugin Is Finally Released

We are delighted to announce that the motion matching plugin has finally been released to the public for Unreal Engine.

The Motion Matching Plugin has been the cumulative effort of the last 8 months of development, refining and tuning the plugin's algorithm to achieve perfect in-game performance. Kieren Hovasapian, Studio Director at Filmstorm said,

"Developed entirely in C++ and using specific takes of captured long-form animation, our motion matching system provides AAA results in under half an hour - where a team of animators and programmers could spend months achieving the same results. We have been blown away by the results and the performance provided by the system, the fidelity and fine details the system captures, matches and the resolves in the animation node is simply astonishing and will really help provide the next, next-generation movement of animation systems."

The Motion Matching Plugin is currently available for purchase directly through our storefront which provides the binary version of the plugin - no source code included due to the cost of development and significant IP involved.

We do however offer the Source Code Plugin Version via a licensing agreement available with either a Term Based Non-Exclusive License or Perpetual Non-Exclusive License - you can request a license price quote by contacting us at






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