Three Quick Ways Motion Matching Can Help Your Game Project

Our Motion Matching System is finally here and we can talk about the best ways to incorporate it into your own project and game development pipelines. 

Easily the best part of Motion Matching is the simplicity and accurate results it provides in the minimal setup time possible. Our range customers range from large AAA studios from all over the world to indie studios looking to refine their workflow pipelines. Our tools benefit from being designed from the ground up to be fast, reliable and with incredible in-game performance (proven results of faster in-game calculation vs traditional setups).

We want to provide you with three ways our Motion Matching Plugin can help your project succeed in less development time

1. More design time & less code development time

Our plugin is designed to allow artists to build your game, which will allow your programmers to work on other features and core content for your game rather than spending time generating the correct transition and code to support a controller. The Motion Matching plugin easily links and finds transitions on the fly and joins your animation together in a seamless, efficient way.

2. Easy to set up and re-iterate on.

The built-in Animation Analyzer is basically a container which holds your animation data. The analyzer processes the animations before you even press play, ensuring the game runs smoothly and with no frame-rate drops. This method even works well on Android and Mobile Devices.

See the Android version in action:


 With the Animation Analyzer, if your controller has too many animations or begins to show strange transitions, it's easy to iterate on - just open the Animation Analyzer and remove or add more animations to fine-tune your results.

3. Unlimited Possibilities 

Our demo project is just a fraction of what's possible with the Motion Matching Plugin, Any character is supported as long the skeleton is valid (no null bones in between) and you can have unlimited animation analyzers in your project at once. The limit is your imagination.


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Excellent article – after reading through it I am ready to get the plugin now. I’ll let you know how I go with it.

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