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Cancelled Indiana Jones Game - Lost Footage Revealed

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Cancelled Indiana Jones Game - Lost Footage Revealed
We reveal lost footage from the previously highly anticipated Indiana Jones game.

When physics was hot and we were getting into the era of real-time calculations emerged a new middleware called Euphoria. All the big companies wanted a piece of the action and started trialing the software in their own pipelines. One of those was LucasArts. A few months later we started seeing demos for the new Star Wars game. The Force Unleashed which utilised Euphoria and DMM (Digital molecular matter - a physics simulation middleware).

Also in the midst of this excitement of Natural Motion's Euphoria changing the market we saw a new Indiana Jones game annoucement using Euphoria and also GTA IV - Rockstar's massive integration using Euphoria to handle their character physics - also they will continue to use Euphoria in all their games going forward, one can assume they purchased source code for the Euphoria middleware to build into their RAGE (Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine) in-house engine. This is before the buy-out of Euphoria by Zynga. Morpheme also made by Natural Motion seems to be still available to studios for a high price.

We are kind of trailing off here, so let's circle back to the Indiana Jones annoucement. We found lurking on the web footage from the canceled game that we have pieced together, along with demo gameplay and test animation development.

Some of the footage shows they were deep into production like most of the cancelled LucasArts games like Star Wars 1313 - but that will be a topic for another day.