Filmstorm's Advanced Climbing Engine (FACE)

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Welcome to Filmstorm's Advanced Climbing Engine (FACE)


The FACE system is a full locomotion system/project, that allows you to climb ledges, jump between them in all directions - up, down, left, right, diagonally... 

The FACE system is easy to get started even with your own model, simply load it in sync the height with our model and copy the scripts and you're done with the hard work. Now, place ledges around your world to climb on them*. 

The system is entirely written in C# and has been heavily commented so you have full access to change or add anything you like to it and understand how the system was made originally.

For only $39.95 the FACE system can be yours and support the development time that went into making it. 

*The ledges and walls need special tags so the FACE system knows what your player is currently jumping to / hanging on - but it's not hard to get started just check our setup video.

(We will update a log here when the system receives updates/upgrades here in the future as well.)