Creating the Sci-fi Worker Animset

Creating the Sci-fi Worker Animset
a year ago - 2 min read
Creating the Sci-fi Worker Animset

Creating a futuristic world can be hard, especially when you don't have people to populate your cities, work areas and streets. In the first pack of our Sci-fi Series we focus on the Sci-fi Worker who builds, repairs, inspects ships and partakes in work around a dock or workyard.

Workers around the Mockup Hangar

The poses are all pose matched back to the central branch root pose in Idle_1. This way you can easily blend the entire set between each other and never pull the player or viewer out of belief with the world.

Included are animations to help guide cargo and shipments

Over three days in the Motion Capture Studio, we spent time trying to flesh out different positions and parts that could need repairing or inspecting on any ship. The animations themselves are very flexible and feature stepping up to do work on boxes so you can make the world seem more interactive with the NPC's climbing onto boxes to perform work and leaning into the inner workings of the ships to interact.

Recording Session in Motive:Body

This pack was recorded on our very own Prime 13 and 13W Cameras which sends the data through to Motive:Body which we can generate actors via markersets and perform an initial clean of the recorded data.

Once the data has been approved we pass this though to Motionbuilder to be further refined, cut into loops, pose matched and retargeted to game engine our via our custom skeletons.

Designed for both Unity and Unreal Engine - you can choose which engine you want to use these asset with. Both are correctly edited to make use of the each engine's unique co-ordinate system.

Sci-fi Worker Animset

A set of over 120 edited motion capture animation to create a working Space Port or Sci-fi World. Bring your game to life with workers that repair, weld, help move cargo, interact and talk with each other. 

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