Australia's Premiere Motion Capture and Game Development Studio

Motion Library

The Motion Library has been a little passion project for a while at Filmstorm. Think of it as a simple way to search for animations and packs to use for your games and projects with easy export to multiple engines (Unity and Unreal Engine + DCC applications like Maya, 3DS Max and more).

Previewing an animation inside Motion Library


We have developed a massive database of animations ready for previewing and export inside the Motion Library. They range from animations in open world adventures to sword fighting sims in a vast warplain.

Developed with funding from our great Filmstorm Supporters, and Patreon Supporters, you too can join us by joining on with a paid account, this will grant you complete access to the entire library of animations. We've also had the pleasure of receiving support from Google Cloud Startups and Amazon AWS Activate who are also supporting the project.

On launching the Motion Library it connects back to to check if you have a valid membership account and then you are good to go. Get frequent animation updates delivered through the app which are easily exported for your use in other authoring applications.


The application will be released shortly on and as long as you're a member you'll be able to access the animations inside the library - no extra fees to export.

As development continues we will be able to integrate more features, like animation retargeting, custom models and more.

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