Heatwave Engine

Heatwave Engine


The goal of my Heatwave Engine is to ship a working FPS title by the end of 2020, with features such as:


  • Skeletal Animation - Super simple, but will try to make it look nice from a gameplay perspective.
  • Cross-Platform Deployment - Windows and macOS (I'll need more developers for console compilation)
  • Assets - Develop a pipeline that can ingest my own formats for better compression and optimizations.
  • UI for the Engine - I originally had an in-engine wrapper in mind so I can edit the game as I go inside the engine and then serialize the changes as I go so I don't need to keep re-compiling the engine each time I make changes (unless it's an actual engine change/update).
  • Shaders - Incorporate the latest Shader work, not going to push for RTX-capability on this build.
  • Streaming system - allow for my assets to stream in and out of memory reducing load times and memory strain.
  • Audio pipeline.
  • Physics engine - will end up using a proven library for this otherwise it will never ship and I'll be just wasting time. Might look into BulletSharp a .NET wrapper for the C++ library of Bullet. Looks stable and well used by other projects.
  • Controller support - on PC and macOS - should be fairly straight forward.

I will update this page with videos and more breakdowns as development progresses.

Video breakdowns

Coming soon...