Closing of MotionVault

Unfortunate news, we have closed development on MotionVault. This comes after chasing many people with DMCA's for reselling our motions and breaking our terms and conditions. This is a hard thing to combat with a small team, but we took all necessary steps to combat these illegal actors performing these actions.

It has gotten to the point whenever we release new Motions they are taken and resold individually at other sites, while we thought we could sustain these attacks, it has become apparent it is not worth the time taken to provide this service and combat with the constant DMCA's to recover our content rights.

Further to this, all free MotionVault support will cease, all internal development will halt and move to continued development with our partners.

We have moved to producing more high quality paid Motion Sets with my studio at Moonjump. Filmstorm will remain open to our partners and continuing productions but all future Motion Sets will be made at Moonjump.