Developer Update #2

Developer Update #2

Work has continued on our MotionVault creating more sets and refining the experience.

  • Reduced loading size on MotionVault - loads entire library in a few seconds.
  • MotionVault runs on mobile browsers efficiently
  • Better user flow between pages, uses our custom auth provider to handle smoother user onboarding.
  • Better search function, any keyword for motions can be searched and instantly filtered with no page refresh.

Instant Search Functions

  • Improved UI flow between MotionVault view sizes, improved lazy loading on page.

Better UI Flow on MotionVault Page

Work in progress

  • Building custom skeleton import to apply to your custom motion list in a seperate editor - MotionAvatar allowing you to retarget our motions directly onto your skeleton. Being a member allows you to save your rigs to your profile.
  • Scale grid in MotionVault - resize the grid to show more or less animations
  • Continue work on Editor to improve scene handling and ragdoll physics.

Also don't forget to vote for this month's Motion Set recording you want. You can vote here