Developer Update #3

MotionVault has new motions, new features and a better user experience. Check out what's changed in Developer Update #3.

Developer Update #3
Featuring the new quick motion previewer

Another busy week of creating new features for the MotionVault, lots to show so let's get going:

More motions have been added to this month's collections in MotionVault. Check out our new motion preview.

You can now click on a motion preview to quickly and smoothly enlarge the preview for better reviewing.

The internal preview renderer now renders shadows and updated lighting to better frame the character.


Preview of new motions and updated motion previews

Another new feature is motion link generation, so you can easily copy a motion link to use in your own web projects. This utilises a new API we have exposed to allow seamless loading anywhere on the web.

New Copy Motion Link in MotionVault

Work has continued internally on MotionAvatar, you will be able to utilise this feature by creating a Motion List which you can then upload a character and have the animations applied to your own rig - this will be a very handy feature for those not comfortable retargeting their own motions.

MotionVault Editor is moving to use Rapier Physics, previously Cannon Physics to handle rigidbody interactions and active human ragdolls. You'll be able to create live scenes where motions and physics interact to create character simulations. These can then be exported if you have a paid membership to use in your projects as a rendered sequence.

Rapier has many great features, Cannon physics has not implemented limiting and motors for connected joints yet.

That's all for this weeks update, thanks for reading the new updates to MotionVault.